Tumbled McGregor Lake

A customer favorite, McGregor Lake is an argillite stone quarried from a cliff formation in Northwest Montana.

This stone is visually stunning because of its light grey color with softened blushes of gold, bronze and tan. Tumbled McGregor Lake, through the tumbling process produces colors that are much more restrained.

What makes McGregor Lake truly special are the natural dendrite fern patterns! Each piece is like a work of art.

McGregor Lake is so versatile because of its color palette as well as choices in shape and cut which allows you to use the stone in both interior and exterior applications.

Available in

  • Ledgestone – parallel tops and bottoms, with natural ends 2 – 8″ heights and 3 – 18″ lengths
  • Stack Stone – lineal, low profiles 1 – 3″ heights and 3 – 10″ lengths
  • Cottage Blend – blend of natural lineal and random shapes
  • Ashlar – linear profile, cut tops and bottoms 2 – 6″ heights and 3 – 18″ lengths
  • Square & Rectangles – Larger faces with parallel tops and bottoms and natural ends 6 – 10″ heights, 6 – 24″ lengths
  • Tumbled – softened edges, parallel tops and bottoms with natural ends 2 – 8″ heights and 3 – 18″ lengths

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