Quarry Stone

Looking for pavers for your patio, driveway or walkway? You can buy cheap pavers, but with Calstone, because quality matters, these pavers will be worth the extra cost. Calstone’s Dual mix design allows the pavers to be both sound in strength and have the color vibrancy and surface texture to be chip resistant. Designers and contractors alike choose Calstone outdoor pavers for their quality.

PBM is happy to partner with local manufacturers, like Calstone to provide concrete pavers to customers like you.

Calstone’s Quarry Stone selections draw their inspiration from what the Earth geologically provides. From a natural stone origin, using up to six blended colors, Calstone created eight distinctively blended choices. With this unique custom palette you can create the perfect hardscape to your project.

Quarry stone pavers can be direct shipped on pallets to your home or job site. Choose your pattern, boarder and color. Call us today for a quote.

For other design options and paving stone styles, see the Quarry stone circle kit, Quarry Stone Versailles, Belgian Stone, Antiqued Flat Top, Antiqued Flat Top Large Format, Permeable Quarry Stone, Classic Cobble, Mission Series, Permeable Mission stones or Linear. Whatever your style, make sure you start with a good foundation for proper installation of Calstone pavers.

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