Pebbles & Petite Material

For a less formal and relaxed environment, PBM offers small stones and softer materials to create a more casual and intimate space.

Please inquire at the Yards for current landscaping bulk material. Hardscape Materials will vary at the Yards.

These materials can be used as patios, pathways and groundcovers, in between larger flagstones or pavers.  They can also be used on driveways which can create a very cool unfussy impression or a very sophisticated and worldly ambience.


  • Auburn Pebble: Available in 1/2″ and 3/4″.
  • Basalt: Our Black Basalt Chips are 3/8″ angular landscaping rock offering a clean, contemporary look.
  • Fines in Gold and Grey: Minuscule pieces of crushed stone with a sandy like texture in colors of mustard yellow and steel grey.  Apply a stabilizer to maintain a natural surface while increasing strength, reduce weeds and dust in your landscape. Inquire within regarding LEED potential.
  • Fresno Cobble: Displays colors of tans and ecrus with hints of soft rose.
  • Granite: Salt and pepper 1/4″ crushed granite.
  • Gravel in Gold and Grey: The Gold is a tawny yellow with a splash of cream.  The Grey is a soft blue grey.
  • La Paz Pebble: It exhibits the cool colors of blues and greys which intermix with light corals, beiges, and browns.
  • Lodi: Our 3/8″ crushed Lodi landscaping rock has a myriad of colors ranging from charcoal, grey, tan, plum and white.
  • Mexican Pebble: Its cool sophisticated colors are a mix of greys, blues, and soft black.
  • Pami Pebble: The color is evenly balanced with ecrus, greys, and coral-roses with small elements of beiges and browns.
  • Salmon Bay: Its’ color displays tones of corals and peaches combined with a soft creamy beige and a blush of rose.
  • Yosemite: Our angular crushed decorative rock comes in 3/8″ perfect for pathways and landscaping applications. Yosemite has a colorful array of blue, grey and charcoal balanced with caramel, tan and buff colors.

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