Patios Walkways, Porches, Pool Decks

This natural stone Aerolite Basalt

Aerolite Basalt

Our Antique Black limestone is one of our darkest shades of limestone with a deep charcoal color with slight touches of grey. The antique finish gives this natural stone a beautiful, soft, leathery texture.

Antique Black Limestone

Our antique brown sandstone is a wonderful blend of earthy colors creating a sense of warmth around any pool.

Antique Brown

Our antique yellow limestone tile creates a serene feeling in any room.

Antique Yellow

Our natural stone driveway pavers in Antiqued Flat Top come in a beautiful blend of gray, charcoal and tan.

Antiqued Flat Top

Perfect for patios, pool decks and walkways the Antiqued Flat Top paver comes in a variety of colors.

Antiqued Flat Top Large Format

Belgard’s Aqualine permeable pavers are perfect for projects with drainage issues. Check them out in Victorian.


Mirage's stone-effect Ardesie porcelain tile stoneware range reinterprets the elegance of a surface with a high degree of strength.


Clean and contemporary, Arizona Buckskin in Sandstone is a beautiful natural flagstone for your stone project.

Arizona Buckskin

PBM, the largest supplier of stone carries a variety of flagstone including Arizona Buff.

Arizona Buff

Natural Flagstone in Arizona Chocolate is a great addition to uplift your backyard project.

Arizona Chocolate

Shades of cream, tan, and taupe make this Arizona Classic Oak Flagstone a perfect choice for any stone design project.

Arizona Classic Oak

Beautiful Arizona Honer Rust Flagstone is perfect for a relaxed patio or walkway.

Arizona Honer Rust

Create a magnificent elevated patio with this Arizona Mango Flagstone.

Arizona Mango

This Arizona Mojave Flagstone is a beautiful warm flagstone to create a calming garden space.

Arizona Mojave

Our Arizona Peach Flagstone is a perfect balance of soft muted shades of flushed coral and cream designed for an elegant entryway.

Arizona Peach

Beautifully used in the landscape as a stacked stone wall, this Arizona Rosa Flagstone is ideal for your retaining wall in the garden.

Arizona Rosa

Avalon Slate pavers are Ideal for walkways, patios, and driveways.

Avalon Slate

Balmoral Paver Bricks is part of McNear’s 'Sandmold' series that exhibits a wonderfully gritty texture for your stone project.

Balmoral Paver

Belgian Stone

Black Slate tile is a black sable color with an elegant rough texture to create a stone of subtle refinement.

Black Slate

Bluestone full range flagstone is a classic stone great for all backyard stone projects.

Bluestone Full Range

Beautiful Tumbled Bluestone is perfect for that magical walkway surrounded by groundcover.

Bluestone Tumbled Garden

This burgundy combo paver is a paver brick that is hard and durable, low maintenance and long-lasting.

Burgundy Combo Paver

The warmth in this California Gold Slate stone offer a rich and intense display for any backyard.

California Gold Slate

Cameron flagstone in dark sandstone displays a handsome rustic texture.


The beautiful warm burgundy and chestnut brown color in this Carob Paver brick is a timeless choice for your outdoor patio.

Carob Paver and Split Paver

The Catalina Grana Interlocking Pavers in Autumn creates crisp, clean lines and smooth, linear surface create a contemporary feel that’s both eye-pleasing and comfortable.

Catalina Grana

Charlestowne Pavers

The Chestnut brick paver is a great choice for a classic contrasting brick paver for a beautiful backyard patio design.

Chestnut Paver

Smooth rounded edges, rich color, and variety of installation patterns, this Gray, Charcoal, and Tan paver lends to an old world charm.

Classic Cobble


Cotswold Paver

Cottonwood Limestone Pavers

Dark Iron Spot

Dark Iron Spot Paver

Dublin Cobble

Dusty Rose Paver and Split Paver

Ebony Smooth Paver and Split Paver

Embarcadero Paver

Flint Hills Limestone

French Vanilla

Frontier Tan


Full Range Bluestone

Green Hills Paver

Gris Catalan Limestone


Icon Porcelain Tile

Idaho Quartz Slate

Indiana Limestone F/C

Italian Bluestone

McGregor Lake

Mega – Arbel

Mega – Lafitt

Melville Plank Paver


Mission Common Paver and Split Paver

Moduline Slab

Monterey Bay Flashed Paver and Split Paver


Mt. Moriah

Multi Classic / Peacock

Beautiful for any bathroom project, Belgard/Mirage: Na. Me porcelain pavers are what you're looking for.


Natural Bluestone

A perfect paver for your outdoor space, Noon by Belgard/Mirage brings the warmth of natural wood with the elegance of glossy wood to this porcelain paver.


Ocean Pearl

Old World Paver

Peacock Paver

Pewter Limestone

Plaza Gold

plaza gray is on the patio floor.

Plaza Gray

Plaza Grey Veriglass Limestone

Precast Concrete Paver

Quarry Stone


Red Hills Paver

Rocafort Sandstone

Rustic Paver

Sacramento Rustic Paver

Santa Fe Rustic Paver

Stratford Paver

This Belgard / Mirage: Sundeck porcelain paver can be the perfect balance between modern and classic for your outdoor living space.


Sydney Peak

Tivoli Paver


Tumbleweed Paver and Split Paver

Tunbridge Paver


Urbana Stone

Verona Paver