Brick Pavers

Balmoral Paver Bricks is part of McNear’s 'Sandmold' series that exhibits a wonderfully gritty texture for your stone project.

Balmoral Paver

This burgundy combo paver is a paver brick that is hard and durable, low maintenance and long-lasting.

Burgundy Combo Paver

The beautiful warm burgundy and chestnut brown color in this Carob Paver brick is a timeless choice for your outdoor patio.

Carob Paver and Split Paver

The Chestnut brick paver is a great choice for a classic contrasting brick paver for a beautiful backyard patio design.

Chestnut Paver

Cotswold Paver

Dark Iron Spot Paver

Dusty Rose Paver and Split Paver

Ebony Smooth Paver and Split Paver

Embarcadero Paver

Green Hills Paver

Light Iron Spot Paver

Medium Iron Spot Paver

Mission Common Paver and Split Paver

Monterey Bay Flashed Paver and Split Paver

Peacock Paver

Red Hills Paver

Rustic Paver

Sacramento Rustic Paver


Santa Fe Rustic Paver

Sterling Grey Modular Paver

Stratford Paver

Tivoli Paver

Tumbleweed Paver and Split Paver

Tunbridge Paver

Verona Paver

Whitehall Paver