The 1 HB is a classic Pink Facebrick in our brick series, molded with a sand texture.

1 HB

our 250-M thin brick is an orange molded Facebrick.


Our thin red brick will transform any backsplash or fireplace.

26 HB

Balmoral in our Thin Brick collection is a classic thin brick great for any outdoor kitchen or pizza oven.


Balmoral Paver Bricks is part of McNear’s 'Sandmold' series that exhibits a wonderfully gritty texture for your stone project.

Balmoral Paver

Bessemer Grey #410 is a beautiful hand molded thin brick has warm complementary greys supplemented with the pure rich color of milk chocolate.

Bessemer Grey #410

Black Hills thin brick paver is part of the 'Old California' series and encapsulates a sophisticated rustic appeal.

Black Hills

Black Sands Face brick is a beautiful dark brick that comes in full brick, thin brick and cored.

Black Sands

This Bodega Cliffs in our Thin Brick tile collection is Inspired by the rich natural resources and landscapes of the coast and desert.

Bodega Cliffs

This burgundy combo paver is a paver brick that is hard and durable, low maintenance and long-lasting.

Burgundy Combo Paver

Cambridge thin brick is a standard brick with old world charm perfect for that outside fireplace.


This beautiful thin brick in Canyon Mist creates a clean sleek look.

Canyon Mist

Carob Face Brick and Thin Brick is a commercial classic brick.


The beautiful warm burgundy and chestnut brown color in this Carob Paver brick is a timeless choice for your outdoor patio.

Carob Paver and Split Paver

Brimming with dashing sophistication and elegance, the Carriagehouse face bricks adds a fresh natural look to any outdoor area.


This Charcoal thin brick is inspired by the rich natural resources and landscapes of the coast and desert.


This hand molded face brick in Charlestowne #440 is a unique thin brick with warm undertones.

Charlestowne #440

Charlestowne Pavers

Chesapeake thin brick is a beautiful creamy golden hue perfect as a neutral or as a contrast to a dark wooded living space.


PBM is proud to carry thin brick veneer in Chestnut for your outdoor patio space.


The Chestnut brick paver is a great choice for a classic contrasting brick paver for a beautiful backyard patio design.

Chestnut Paver

Cigarfactory thin brick replicates sophistication and comfort with a blend of golden tones and a hint of smoked pumpkin accents.


Unique to the reflection of your style, Cityhall thin bricks offer a warm cream and toasted buff tones, with a slight burnished sandalwood.


This thin brick is a classic used look of brick for those looking for a classic traditional brick.

Classic Used

Coal Creek

Common Select



Cotswold Paver


Dark Iron Spot

Dark Iron Spot Paver

Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose Paver and Split Paver

Ebony Fire

Ebony Smooth

Ebony Smooth Paver and Split Paver


Embarcadero Paver



Georgetowne #800

Georgetowne #800 Paver

Gold Fire

Green Hills

Green Hills Paver

Harbor Mist


Ironworks Thin Brick

Klinker Thin Brick

Light Iron Spot

Light Iron Spot Paver

Maui Sands

Medium Iron Spot

Medium Iron Spot Paver

Mesquite Solid/Standard Brick

Midnight Sky

Mission Common Face Brick and Thin Brick

Mission Common Paver and Split Paver

Monterey Bay Flashed Face Brick and Thin Brick

Monterey Bay Flashed Paver and Split Paver

Old Sacramento Blend Thin Brick

Old Town Red Thin Brick

Old University

Park Ridge #250


Peacock Paver

Peppermill Thin Brick

Railroad Blend Face Brick and Thin Brick

Real Used Brick

Red Common Thin Brick

Red Flash

Red Hills Paver

Red Hills Thin Brick

Redondo Gray

Rustic Paver

Rustic Thin Brick

Sacramento Rustic Paver

Sacramento Rustic Thin Brick


Santa Fe Rustic Paver

Santa Fe Rustic Thin Brick

Savannah Grey #420

Schoolhouse Thin Brick

Sea Gray

Smokestack Thin Brick

Sterling Grey Modular Paver

Stratford Paver

Stratford Thin Brick

Sunset Red

Tan Fire Brick Solid and Splits

Tivoli Paver

Tivoli Thin Brick

Towerbridge Thin Brick

Townsquare Thin Brick

Trainstation Thin Brick

Tumbleweed Face Brick and Thin Brick

Tumbleweed Paver and Split Paver

Tunbridge Paver

Tunbridge Thin Brick

Tyron #750

Verona Paver

Verona Thin Brick

Waterton Solid/Standard Brick

Westport Used

Whitehall Paver

Whitehall Thin Brick

Williamstowne #700

Windsor brick cladding and pavers for exterior walls