H.C. Muddox

Black Sands Face brick is a beautiful dark brick that comes in full brick, thin brick and cored.

Black Sands

Carob Face Brick and Thin Brick is a commercial classic brick.


The beautiful warm burgundy and chestnut brown color in this Carob Paver brick is a timeless choice for your outdoor patio.

Carob Paver and Split Paver

Common Select


Dusty Rose

Dusty Rose Paver and Split Paver

Ebony Fire

Ebony Smooth

Ebony Smooth Paver and Split Paver

Gold Fire

Klinker Thin Brick

Mission Common Face Brick and Thin Brick

Mission Common Paver and Split Paver

Monterey Bay Flashed Face Brick and Thin Brick

Monterey Bay Flashed Paver and Split Paver

Old Sacramento Blend Thin Brick

Old Town Red Thin Brick

Railroad Blend Face Brick and Thin Brick

Tan Fire Brick Solid and Splits

Tumbleweed Face Brick and Thin Brick

Tumbleweed Paver and Split Paver